Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Hydraulic equipment has a wide range of applications: it is used in mining, construction industry and in different production sectors. The principle of action of hydraulic equipment is based on the smooth operation of all mechanisms, and without power supply. Besides, such equipment helps to save human resources. With all variety of modifications and sizes of equipment, it is united by the use of fluid to make or strengthen physical effort. We know everything about hydraulics, that’s why we can guarantee our customers the best repair and remanufacture available of any hydraulic power system.

Hydraulic Repair Services

Equipment of this type tends to have prolonged service life. However, any mechanisms require remedial measures from time to time. If some hydraulic units fail or its operational characteristics are deteriorated, it can affect productivity in a negative way.

There are many reasons for hydraulic units breakdown, and our specialists after many years of experience have concluded that the most common ones of them are following:

  • corrosion,
  • scratches on the cylinder walls,
  • scratches on the piston rod,
  • deformation as the result of mechanical impact,
  • improper operation.

Our company can complete overhaul and rebuild of your equipment and professionally solve all the problems connected with its performance. However, the company’s specialists can as well design and produce hydraulic equipment according to customer’s specifications.

Today, the HydroCube services are popular in many russian cities and in the CIS.

How Do We Work

To make use of our company services, e.g. repair of a hydraulic cylinder rod, the equipment should be delivered to our company. For this, customers can employ services of any freight company. Transportation of broken equipment by the customer’s force is also available.

The HydroCube specialists are suspicious about their work. Mechanisms or some component parts of hydraulic equipment (e.g. piston rod) are being repaired after getting professional calculations from engineers. We can also work with customer’s drawings.

The mechanisms that our specialists deal with provide full performance for various special-purpose equipment:

  • heavy equipment,
  • municipal vehicles,
  • road equipment.

Once repair is completed, equipment is tested on our test bench.

Custom-Built Units

Service and repair of hydraulic cylinders of various shapes and configurations has been in practice in our Company for a long time. Our regular customers had a chance to assure themselves of quality of all performed works. To order hydraulic cylinders to the customer’s specifications, you need place a request with clear indication of technical data and dimensions for the product.

Based on the request, our specialists generate terms of reference, which will become the project base frame. Then, the Design Office of Research and Production Enterprise HydroCube prepares a draft model of the future unit.

The executed drawings will be submitted to the customer for approval. The next work stage is detailed elaboration of individual elements, which will also be brought out to the drawings. The refined, more scrupulous drawings are the ones on which the shop work is based.

Our specialists work quickly, which is why the assembly and fitting of all fragments take the minimum period of time. Testing is the final stage of hydraulic cylinder production. &mdash

The following product types are most often ordered to our specialists:

  • with double-sided input piston rods,
  • with single-sided input piston rods,
  • piston-type,
  • plunger-type.

Production capacities of Research and Production Enterprise HydroCube and our wealth of professional experience allow us to take orders of any complexity. We are open for proposals and ready for bilateral cooperation. Please don’t hesitate to call us!