Scissor Lifts

The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise designs and manufactures hydraulic scissor lifts to tackle any production tasks. We offer customized design of several types of such equipment.

Function of Scissor Lifts

The main function of hydraulic scissor lifts is vertical movement of loads. We produce equipment with the capacity from 200 kg to 50 t and lifting height of a platform of maximum 15 m.

Scissor Lifts. Production Secrets

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Reliability, quality, great endurance life of scissor lifts produced by HydrtoCube—these are main but not the only benefits of them. Our equipment is provided with a complete package, from perfect appearance and ease of control to safe operation.
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Design Features of Scissor Lifts

The scissor lifts include mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts. Their base are pin-connected scissors that move the load. These scissors are driven by hydraulic cylinders, and to force power fluid into them, hydraulic power pack is used. Load is placed on the platform that can be additionally equipped with handrails. In addition, lifts can be as well equipped with a safety frame, pilot operated check valve and control panel.

Scope of Scissor Lifts Application

Scissor lifts are used in the following areas:

  • in production, to raise the manufactured product to a certain height in order to facilitate access to it or as one of the elements of the conveyor line;
  • in logistics centers and warehouses to transfer goods to the upper tiers or vehicles/handling;
  • in car services and dealerships for vehicles moving, diagnostics and maintenance;
  • in construction to perform installation or finishing work, lifting construction materials;
  • as aerial platforms for maintenance and repair of various technical equipment located at a height.

Scissor Lifts Manufactured at HydroCube

Our enterprise manufactures several types of such equipment:

We are ready to design and manufacture scissor lifts of any complexity according to your specific needs. The lead-time is only 30–60 working days. Besides, delivery and installation of the equipment can be arranged worldwide.

Order scissor lifts in HydroCube by phone 8  (3412)  77-38-68 or e-mail

New Feedback

Dear Konstantin Vyacheslavovich,

LLC LKM Group expresses respect to you and thanks you and your employees for the prompt and high-quality work, namely for the manufacture of a non-standard lifting table.

You have considered all our wishes, starting from the design and to production, and offered your technical solutions to meet our expectations. Currently, the equipment is commissioned and completely involved into the production process.

We wish you success and new achievements in the business.

RosEkoTeлkh LLC expresses its gratitude to The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise LLC for meeting the delivery time for hydraulic equipment, namely hydraulic cylinders.

We would especially like to draw attention to the quality of the equipment that meets the standards, the hydraulic cylinders fit perfectly.

Throughout the whole duration of hydraulic cylinders production stage, The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise staff proved to be professionals in their field, starting from the application processing department and to the production workshop.

We sincerely wish you success, fruitful work and prosperity in your work.

SmileGate LLC thanks Research and Production Enterprise HydroCube for timely delivery of the high-grade equipment.

We appreciate your attentive approach to any set tasks. For a long time, we were searching for a manufacturer of hydraulic equipment, which would have own turning facilities.

Through search system, we found the proper partner as The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise LLC. We placed an order to develop and manufacture a hoist bridge. All the specialists of the company demonstrated high professional level, due to which the project was designed in accordance with our requirements and required documentation was developed.

The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise LLC is reliable manufacturer and supplier who concerns about the partners.

SmileGate LLC sincerely hopes for future mutually beneficial cooperation and maintenance of business and friendship relations.

Order a Scissor Lift

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