The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise designs and manufactures equipment for test benches of any complexity. We can produce a customized design with the operating conditions taken into account.

Purpose of Test Benches

Test benches are used to verify product safety and compliance with the specified requirements. This equipment provides means for:

  • Generating conditions and loads for tested products as close to on-site ones as possible.
  • Studying operational performance of products under normal operational conditions.
  • Applying critical loads to tested products to estimate their reliability.

Both the products as a whole, and their individual parts and assemblies can be tested.

Performance Characteristics

Overall Dimensions

Model Code Description

New Feedback

Dear Konstantin Vyacheslavovich,

LLC LKM Group expresses respect to you and thanks you and your employees for the prompt and high-quality work, namely for the manufacture of a non-standard lifting table.

You have considered all our wishes, starting from the design and to production, and offered your technical solutions to meet our expectations. Currently, the equipment is commissioned and completely involved into the production process .

We wish you success and new achievements in the business.

RosEkoTeлkh LLC expresses its gratitude to RPE HydroCube LLC for meeting the delivery time for hydraulic equipment, namely hydraulic cylinders.

We would especially like to draw attention to the quality of the equipment that meets the standards, the hydraulic cylinders fit perfectly.

Throughout the whole duration of hydraulic cylinders production stage, RPE HydroCube staff proved to be professionals in their field, starting from the application processing department and to the production workshop.

We sincerely wish you success, fruitful work and prosperity in your work .

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We appreciate your attentive approach to any set tasks. For a long time , we were searching for a manufacturer of hydraulic equipment , which would have own turning facilities.

Through search system, we found the proper partner as RPE HydroCube LLC. We placed an order to develop and manufacture a hoist bridge. All the specialists of the company demonstrated high professional level, due to which the project was designed in accordance with our requirements and required documentation was developed.

RPE HydroCube LLC is reliable manufacturer and supplier who concerns about the partners.

SmileGate LLC sincerely hopes for future mutually beneficial cooperation and maintenance of business and friendship relations.

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Your company became for us an ideal of mutually beneficial cooperation. Particularly, we would like to thank your specialist who reply to any issue in a timely and detail manner .

In a short time , we purchase hydraulic equipment for в 50 and 100 tn press. All the products meet the requirements of standards and demonstrated the good order of operation.

We would like to maintain the cooperation with you and kindly ask you to inform us about your new possibilities in the field of the hydraulic equipment.

Thank you for high skills!

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KondorStroi LLC hopes for long-term and fruitful cooperation with you, because you are reliable commercial partner for us.

Federal Post Department of the Kirov District of FGUP Russian Post thanks RPE HydroCube LLC for manufacturing of lift-table for specialised shaft, 3400*1000*5500 mm. During

our collaboration, RPE HydroCube LLC demonstrated high professionality, competence and tendency to self-improvement. We cooperated in mutually-beneficial conditions. Company’s specialists rendered proficient, qualified and timely support addressing the tasks in due time. The supplied product was operated within the test period and may be assumed as reliable and compliant with high quality requirements.

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Types of Test Benches

During testing, the samples can be exposed to thermal, chemical, hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, moist and other actions. So, braking equipment for railway rolling stocks requires pneumatic test benches, whereas household appliances are subject to the electrical testing.

In terms of effect, strength, destructive, non-destructive, or medium resistance tests can be distinguished. For instance, when the product works in tension under operating conditions, it is essential to find its breaking force. Such tests are destructive.

Test Benches We Produce

We produce test benches verifying compliance with various requirements:

  • Service-life test benches – to determine service life of products.
  • Submersible test benches – to verify reliability of product operation in liquid environment. They are relevant, for example, for submersible pumps.
  • Strength test benches – to determine breaking strength of products. It is of importance for chains or towing cables.
  • Static test benches – to estimate capability of the product to operate for a certain period of time under slowly increasing or continuous load. Herewith, compression, tension, bending, or torsion loads can be used. Such tests are used for engineering structures.
  • Dynamic test benches – to verify reliability of materials and products under impact or vibration loads. Such tests are used for certification of various structures, devices, and equipment.
  • Benches for tests and assembly/dismantling of hydraulic cylinders – to perform complete repair of cylinders, assemble and test new products.
  • Hydraulic equipment test benches – to record and estimate specifications of such equipment as hydraulic power packs, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, steering devices, upon their manufacture or repair.

We can design and manufacture customized test equipment. Order test benches in HydroCube by phone +7 (3412) 77-38-68 or e-mail

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