At HydroCube, you can buy hydraulic equipment that will meet all of your requirements. Our range includes the groups of products that can help you tackle widely differing tasks:

  • hydraulic cylinders and power packs — for installation both on manual (garage) equipment, as well as on energy-consuming devices and production lines;
  • presses — to be used for recycling (for example, waste paper briquette press machines) and on high-tech foundry production etc.;
  • load lifts — for moving loads between floors or for use on automatic production lines;
  • car lifts — both for personal use in cottages and for robotic multi-level parking facilities.

The equipment designed and manufactured by the HydroCube specialists will definitely be suited to your requirements in terms of both service life and technological effectiveness – as far as we use domestic and foreign component parts and materials in our production, and at the final stage, all manufactured products undergo static (to assess mechanical properties) and dynamic (to assess performance and compliance with the customer’s specifications) tests.

To make an order, please choose the necessary category of products.

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