Training at the Regional Center of Competences

Last weekend the HydroCube employees underwent training at the Regional Center of Competences of the Udmurt Republic which was aimed at improving labor efficiency.

They were told about one of the lean production tools – the 5S-system:

  1. Sort (= all the unnecessary items must be removed),
  2. Set order (= every item should have its own place),
  3. Shine (= make your workplace comfortable and safe),
  4. Standardize (= implement effective routines),
  5. Sustain (= maintain your daily routines and continue to improve your workplace).

The concept of this system implies optimization of production processes and space, and that in case of disorder, irrational placement of things or organization of the workplace, the company may suffer losses.

The training was conducted in the form of games, and this allowed the company to immediately put the acquired knowledge into practice.