HC HydroCube

HC HydroCube has officially become a participant of NHL (Night Hockey League) in the Udmurt Republic. In a few words, NHL is a Russian sports organization that unites amateur hockey teams all over Russia. Why is the league called like that? It’s quite simple: participants of the championship are not professional sportsmen – they are professionals in other types of activities, and they are usually busy during the daytime at work, therefore, they have free time for competition only in the evenings.

HydroCube includes 18 players:
  • Goaltenders: Dmitry Lozhkin, Danil Ardashev.
  • Defensmen: Oleg Belosludtsev, Andrey Nikulin, Igor Bazhenov, Denis Belosludtsev, Nikita Ilin, Valeriy Zhigalov.
  • Forwards: Vladimir Strelkov, Yury Buzmakov, Konstantin Kuznetsov, Nikita Belosludtsev, Andrey Volkov, Ilya Seliverstov, Igor Danilov, Nikita Perevozchikov, Dmitry Nesmelov, Evgeny Efremov.

On October 11, a pre-season tournament among participants was held in preparation for the championship. The rival teams were Energy and Avangard. The first game (with Energy) ended in a draw (2:2), and then HydroCube lost after penalty shootout (1:2). The game with Avangard ended with HydroCube defeat (0:8).

The first game of the championship will take place on October 17 at 8:30 PM. HydroCube will play against Progress, a hockey team from Glazov.


HC HydroCube