Warehouse Load Lifts

If your warehouse terminal on a daily basis accumulates dozens of vehicles waiting for their turn for cargo transfer, if tired loaders carrying the boxes are hurrying from one corner to another while knocking each other off their feet, if drivers are falling asleep with their foreheads against the steering wheel, and if everyone fails to do anything in time, it is about time to consider the profitability of the storage facility. &mdash It seems the time has come to retrofit your outdated business in order to breathe new life into it and set a new modern path for your company.

Have a look at hydraulic equipment from Research and Production Enterprise HydroCube, Izhevsk. Purchasing heavy warehouse equipment directly from the manufacturer is reasonable and advantageous in terms of many criteria.

Warehouse Load Lifts

A warehouse hydraulic lift mechanizes the labour-intensive process of handling various loads. In a situation where all pallets, boxes, canisters, and bags have to be thrown from one tier to another all the time, it’s just indispensable. A lift device significantly saves time and labour. Unlike a person, the indefatigable mechanism can be working continuously throughout the cycle. Place it at the hottest spot and observe positive dynamics.

From Our Warehouse to Your Warehouse

Based on research, we have selected for production the most reliable, productive, and promising designs. You can buy a warehouse hydraulic lift from us at a moderate price upon your individual request.

Engineers and technicians of Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube can select a functionally optimal model and will promptly deliver and install it on site. Herewith, you won’t have to change the architectural planning of the premise and overcome bureaucracy chasing after approvals.

Classification and Summary

We offer the following types of warehouse load lifts:

1. Cargo lifts

Structurally, this type of the hydraulic warehouse lift is made similarly to boom lifts, which are generally used in shafts.

These devices are driven:

  • pneumatically,
  • electrically,
  • hydraulically.

We have various models with regard to the installation place: outdoor and indoor. Select the door type: swing door or automatic door. In each individual case, we perform the fastening according to the customer’s individual plan. Work out the colour and decor to your liking!

2. Lift tables

A warehouse scissor lift is distinguished favourably by its unique structure, which ensures its failure-free performance, electric safety, and balanced stability.

The warehouse scissor lift will easily fit into cramped corners and labyrinths of the warehouse without creating inconvenience for workers. It is utterly simple in operation: the table lifting is adjusted to the set height, with one loader controlling the transfer.

Models of the similar design, either stationary or wheeled, are commonly used in construction, in procurement and extraction industries, in repair and production shops, on ships and at shipyards, and even in agriculture and libraries.

The HydroCube products – profitable investment in your production process

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Loads applied to all main units and component parts are calculated on a case-by-case basis, with due regard to your needs and manufacturing facilities. That is the reason why our technologies ensure long operational life – the service life of our equipment exceeds that of standard models, even in case of intensive operation.

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3. Mobile loading docks

If you have the good fortune to have railway tracks right to the gate of the warehouse area, you can supplement your technical assets with a mobile mechanism with pushbutton control in the form of a huge wheeled platform. Heavy cargo from wagons will flow like a river to the warehouse by efforts of only one loader/operator.

You will need a mobile dock if:

  • a semi-truck cannot come close to the ramp for some reasons,
  • the cargo is automotive equipment or cars, and/or
  • the warehouse area is enormous.

Warehouse lift loads are intended to solve tasks in conditions of a specific work situation. You need have it comprehensively analyzed before making an expensive purchase. This is what HydroCube specialists are for – they will properly calculate dimensional, power, and structural capabilities of your future lift in respect of your business.

All our factory products are made in strict compliance with GOST standards, have passed multistep inspection, are provided with a quality certificate, and are supported by a factory warranty. In addition, you can order from us service support, routine repair, or OEM components. Let your cargo travel easy!