Scissor Lift

How would you lift a platform with a load or workers to the required height? Modern hydraulic equipment offers efficient scissor structures that, in some cases, can replace conventional cargo cranes, lifts, loaders, tackles, etc. It is enough to support a metal plate on the lever system and to give it a hydraulic knock, and the plate will go upwards slowly, but steadily.

A scissor lift by HydroCube  reliable equipment at an affordable price, which will serve you irreproachably for many years to come. A simple, but specific structure gives the consumer obvious advantages:

  • power and dynamic reliability,
  • compact sizes as compared to other similar-purpose counterparts,
  • higher mobile properties of scissor lifts, both mobile and stationary,
  • controllability and comfort for the operator,
  • labour and time saving.

Design Basics and Design Types

Depending on target tasks that face your business, you can order a stationary scissor lift and a self-propelled or non-self-propelled lift table.

In terms of the driving method used for this powerful mechanism, there are the following scissor lift types:

  • hydraulic,
  • electrohydraulic,
  • mechanical.

Whatever are the purposes for which the hydraulic scissor lift table is intended, its structure must include the following:

  • a load-bearing platform to carry a person or a load,
  • "scissors" – a level unit that sets the nature of trajectory dynamics,
  • a hydraulic drive supplied from variable-frequency current, which makes the platform go upwards.

A more complex structure allows an electrohydraulic lift to operate in any directions and to carry out loading/unloading even in conditions where the height is limited on a high tier. When there is any, even minor, contact of any objects with the plate, the lift platform goes against a safety trip bar to immediately stop.

Scissor Lift

The wheel or rail design will allow the scissor lift to be moved easily to any necessary place at your warehouse, construction site, car service garage, shop, etc.

In production of scissor lifts for car tyre fitting, for motor vehicles, and for storage or construction purpose, Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube uses reliable import assemblies and parts and supplements the package with useful rigging to make the following possible for the safety purpose:

  • to limit the lift height,
  • to ensure the smooth running and stop of the motor,
  • to adjust platform speed parameters,
  • to carry out emergency lowering in case of a contingency.

Preliminary design calculation of a hydraulic scissor lift and its reference to the actual conditions allows our developers and process engineers to find the optimal structure and to manufacture efficient and quality target equipment that will positively affect your profit.

Scissor Lift

How to Install a Hydraulic Scissor Table

A base has to be prepared for installation of a scissor lift. The foundation of the building being constructed or a specially made pit is used as the base.

If necessary, we’ll equip your unit with:

  • a cabin closing with doors or roller shutters, an extra draw-out plate,
  • reliably fixing hinged sides,
  • a landing control system, like in lifts in buildings,
  • mesh fences,
  • indicating illumination.

Custom design in HydroCube allows you to solve even more complex tasks!

Selection of a Lift Based on Output Parameters

 At the project design stage, any structure is thoroughly calculated, whether it is a serial one or one of a kind. For monitoring and error-free selection, the following specifications are taken into account:

  • the unit’s capacity (for construction or freight lifts up to 10 tonnes),
  • the maximum level to which the table can be lifted (up to 25 m),
  • time spent for lift of the fully loaded platform to the maximum height,
  • power consumption of the hydraulic drive motor,
  • the minimum platform rung from the floor,
  • overall dimensions of the main table (width of up to 6 m, length of up to 10 m),
  • dimensions of the draw-out plate (length of 50 cm, width of 50 cm).
Scissor Lift

Before installing an articulating-boom, stair, dolly-type, screw, construction, or warehouse lift, the foundation features and specifications have also to be taken into account:

  • the area the unit will take,
  • the height of a room where it will operate,
  • the net and gross weight of the lift,
  • surface slopes.

When selecting a self-propelled mobile scissor lift, its speed capabilities when moving with an open boom and its maximum permissible speed are additionally assessed.

Versatility and Extensive Applications

Hydraulic scissor-type lifts are in great demand in industrial commercial areas, where loads or people often need to be lifted.

They are a must-have for:

  • construction,
  • machine-building,
  • maintenance of bridge, crane, or gantry structures,
  • installation of billboards,
  • finishing repair/construction works (interior and exterior),
  • mobile parking car accumulators,
  • modern storage facilities,
  • car dealer showrooms and car service garages,
  • production shops.

Mechanical/manual stationary scissor lifts are gradually becoming obsolete. Today, they cannot always meet the increased demands of the modern industry. They give way to fresh developments of wheeled manoeuvrable hydraulic load tables, which can be transported to any necessary area with minimum efforts.

Hydraulic products of Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube from Russia are every bit as good as import equipment delivered to our market by leading manufacturers in the scissor lift sector: the United States (JLG and Genie), Italy (AIRO), and France (Haulotte).

Our certified products meet the highest European standards. Projects implemented in metal excel in practice. Izhevsk lifts are not afraid of harsh climate conditions and peak loads. Moreover, HydroCube ensures competent installation and maintenance of its units, promptly eliminates occurred failures, and gives a full warranty for its products and services.

To buy/order a scissor lift, you may contact specialists by phone +7 (3412) 77-38-68 or write to our open online chat.