Petrol Hydraulic Power Pack

When assimilating new territories, including at the initial stage of construction, the task of selecting a power supply source becomes a top priority. How do you make hydraulic equipment operate in the conditions of an electricity-free construction site?

HydroCube, a national specialist in hydrodynamics, offers a simple and favourably priced solution for such situations – a petrol/diesel-driven hydraulic power pack with an internal combustion engine (ICE).

We develop and manufacture hydraulic engineering units that are reliable and easy-to-operate in the Russian reality, including stand-alone hydraulic power packs. Our pioneering power equipment runs in virtually "zero" situations.

Unique Qualities of Petrol Hydraulic Power Packs

An ICE hydraulic power pack allows you to start construction or other hydraulic equipment at a virtually empty place. We fill it with petrol, press the button, pressurize, and obtain the required dynamics – the cyclical process is underway. &mdash

The main thing is to calculate the suitable power, so that the horsepower is sufficient for managing the load. Select your power characteristic among various models – 9, 13, 15, or 16 h.p. / These specifications are believed to be most popular with Russian consumers.

Our petrol-engine mobile hydraulic power pack:

  • is fully independent,
  • can be quickly integrated in the process without preliminary preparation,
  • consumes fuel in a cost-effective manner,
  • easily does its job in extreme weather conditions.

At locations without utilities, the ICE power saves the day.

How Does It Operate?

The stand-alone petrol-operated hydraulic power pack has to generate a pressure in the outlet fluid passage of approximately 700 bar. This force is quite sufficient for operation of most hydraulic devices, plants, and tools used at the construction site. The rated pressure is injected to the system by the pump of the petrol motor. Manual adjustment of valves allows the system to maintain two or three operating modes. The pressure excess is released using a bypass pressure relief valve.

Our mission is to convert energy into motion.

The manufacturer, HydroCube, provides each of its products with factory quality certificates and carries out maintenance and repair. We deliver petrol power packs throughout Russia, the map of which has no dark corners. Don’t hurry to overpay for an expensive brand—domestic equipment is every bit as good, but costs less. We are open to fruitful partnership with you!

You can order or buy your ICE hydraulic power pack by phone +7 (3412) 77-38-68 or via the Company’s online chat.