Lift Table

For cargo turnover to bring profit, the company does not always need reconstruct its warehouse base. In many cases, there is no point to spend money on installation of a heavy platform – you can do with a simple scissor lift table installed at a hot spot. For small premises with the tiered planning, this solution turns out to be the most effective and profitable. You can buy a compact lift table directly from the factory of Research and Production Enterprise HydroCube. We have been supplying various hydraulic products to the national market for a long time, being oriented towards requests of Russian consumers.

Hydraulic lift tables, the price of which is free of dealer extra charges, are on a par with import counterparts in terms of functionalities and quality. They are made using advanced scientific technologies and import components and equipped with useful rigging, considering the site-specific nature.

Single Hydraulic Lift Table – Classic of the Genre

A mobile hydraulic lift table is fastened on a rail or channel platform (optionally), which allows you to manoeuvre the device within the required limits.

Using a built-in hydraulic drive, the platform can be easily lifted or dropped from one tier to another one. A special stop automatically holds it up at a required height, which significantly simplifies load fixation in space.

The single lift table:

  • has a simple design with original scissor-type opening of the lift mechanism, which ensures stability, safety, and robustness of the table,
  • is delivered assembled and does not require meticulous installation,
  • can be installed on any level hard surface and requires penetration only in certain cases,
  • upon the customer’s request, can be equipped with additional rigging and accessories,
  • is supplied from a 380 V industrial grid,
  • requires no complex settings.

One person can manage the rigging operations. Hydraulic cylinders take over the force of loaders (people).

Operating Principle and Structural Design Features

  • The hydraulic lift table in its base has a platform with a set surface area and two parallel scissor legs, which ensure vertical movement of the platform.
Lift Table
  • The scissors are spaced apart from each other at a certain distance that allows supports to withstand the weight of the loaded platform. At any arrangement of a load, the latter always takes the horizontal position as the top of lift mechanisms is fastened on the outside of the table.
  • Scissor levers are fixed at one end and slide on a skid or roll on rollers at the other end.
Lift Table
  • The balanced structure is driven by a hydraulic force perceived by a cross beam, which, in turn, transfers the force to open the scissor bell.
Lift Table
  • To prevent the table from folding spontaneously, the structure includes lock units (mechanical or hydraulic).
  • The lift can be equipped with a roller area (roller bed). Rigid package containers can easily roll on the surface over freely rotating rollers laid in transverse rows. It makes transportation of extra heavy cargo easier in many aspects. The roller mechanism can be supplemented with a drive system to automatically bring the load out to the moving surface of the table or loader.

The scissor lift table operates with heights of up to 7 m and is designed for loads within the loading gauge with a weight of up to 30 tonnes.

Double-Scissor Lift Tables

Double scissors unfold at two swivel joints. Unlike classical single scissors, they ensure the lift to a large height without changing the unit’s dimensions and equipment configuration.

In order to maintain stable balance, the platform shall be oriented strictly horizontally. A concrete base frame for installation is prepared in advance. Fastening anchor bolts are embedded in it, and the prefabricated structure is seated on these bolts.

Production of lift tables with double scissors requires a special process approach and improved supervision and monitoring at assembly stages. The demand for these products is very wide.

They are sought after:

  • in transport and warehouse businesses for loading operations,
  • as lifts in multi-storey parking garages,
  • in construction and repair,
  • on deckers,
  • at production shops,
  • in municipal services for installation and repair of various facilities.

Three-Scissor Lift Tables

The lever mechanism of this type has three pins. It ensures the height of up to 10 m. Hydraulic tables with triple scissors are preferred at multi-storey warehouses, where the load has to be moved all the time to different heights.

Maintenance of three-pin units is labour-intensive. The structure is somewhat overloaded with connecting joints and requires the accurate setting of hydraulic equipment. The flow in the hydraulic system has to be adjusted using additionally built-in directional valves. The force balance and uniform dynamics of the mechanism are reached thereby. 

Lift Table

Solve Your Problem in an Integrated Manner

By addressing HydroCube, you

  • get the optimal modification of the mobile/stationary hydraulic lift table, considering your facility’s technical capabilities, the scale and nature of freight traffic, the area planning, the nature of works to be performed, etc.,
  • retrofit your business and automatically increase its performance,
  • find a high-quality product at a reasonable price,
  • ensure yourself a full factory warranty,
  • obtain advice and maintenance at first hand.

HydroCube is the territory of new-generation hydraulics.