Lift Platforms. Order from The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise

In order to establish smooth freight traffic within a multi-tiered warehouse, a lift platform shall be installed at the place of vertical load movement.

A rate of return for any handling operation depends largely on technical capabilities of a support installation – namely, its compatibility with the load type and compliance with the flow regulations.

An approach to the purchase of support equipment has to be optimized and to consider specific storage conditions. Our production company, Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube, the reference specialist in hydraulics, offers high-quality lifting equipment, both ready-to-use and developed on the basis of the customer’s special proposal. Our production capacities allow us to make service lift platforms for a variety of loads, heights, and tonnages.

Lift Platforms. Order from The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise

By preferring the domestic equipment, you obtain considerable cash savings, the manufacturer’s warranty, GOST-compliant quality, and professional technical support.

Hydraulic Platform

The most graceful structure of a lift so far is based on the scissor opening type. The support of a vertical lift platform can be installed on any level-ground site, either indoors or outdoors: along a wall or in a lift shaft, a basement, an aperture, or a multi-tier/rack area.

A lifting mechanism is fastened to the support frame, and a load table or a lift mini platform is rigidly mounted to this mechanism. By opening the scissors of the lifting mechanism, the load is moved vertically from one level to another. The scissors package is powered by an electrohydraulic drive motor. The hydraulic motor is assembled of one or more hydraulic cylinders contacted via a lever drive system with the platform and a built-in 380-Volt three-phase power plant.

Maximum working heights of scissor lift tables are as follows:

  • single-scissor lift tables – up to 5 m,
  • double-scissor lift tables – 3 to 7 m,
  • three-scissor lift tables – up to 12 m,
  • four-scissor lift tables – 10 to 15 m,
  • five-scissor lift tables – up to 15 m,
  • single-scissor lift tables with successive opening for the lifting – up to 20 m.

Warehouse operations are typically associated with movement of loads throughout the warehouse area: acceptance, shipping, sorting, record-keeping, relocation for storage, etc. An easy-to-use mobile lift platform controlled by 1 or 2 persons can be mounted at a hot spot in a matter of hours.- Its transportability increases due to rubber wheels and a large carrying handle with a comfortable grip. Installation of the mobile lift platforms requires no special skills or pre-installation preparation.

Scissor Lifts by HydroCube—Coverage

We are mostly oriented towards custom design and manufacture, and the range of our design and engineering capabilities is therefore virtually unlimited. We equip our products with additional devices and accessories:

  • a relief nonskid surface for the load,
  • removable safety skirting or handrails along the table perimeter,
  • special load-fixing devices,
  • an enclosure for the motor or for the entire plant,
  • travel/stop locks and limiters for the site,
  • and many others.

The rigging is selected for the target purpose of the product. We’ll take into account all small details that may occur at your site.

Our equipment successfully functions:

  • In the warehousing and transport sectors. To perform transfer operations, trucks with a lift platform do not need any additional lifting gear. Ramp-type lift platforms allow usual high-sided trucks to easily access the working area, for example, to get up to a high ramp or even to let a mobile loader inside the truck body, ignoring the height difference between the body and the landing.
  • In the trade, food business, and hotel business. Scissor lifts facilitate the task of goods delivery from the store warehouse at the tiered planning of a building as well as arrangement of goods on racks.
  •  In the automotive business. Car lift platforms allow cars to be transported inside a multi-storey building when it has no interlevel vehicle entrances. At car service garages, an electric lift platform for cars helps an auto mechanic perform visual diagnostics of assemblies and parts and carry out certain repair manipulations in hard-to-access zones of the body.
  •  At exhibitions. Such equipment can help you arrange a multi-level exposition and even can be used as a display stand.
  •  In industrial production. You can use a hydraulic lift for large-scale assembly or maintenance of large-sized, wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted equipment.
  •  At construction, repair, restoration, and advertisement sites. Scissor tables are widely used for vertical movement of construction materials and workers to the necessary height for finishing and installation works.

General Technical Characteristics of Lift Tables

We use high-strength alloy steel (or stainless steel, if required) as raw materials for out products. In complex structures, we use thoroughly selected import components. Upon the customer’s request, the surfaces of assemblies and parts can be protected with durable polymer coating or by galvanizing.

 Our equipment withstands extreme operating conditions: temperature, humidity, load, etc. Herewith, its service life is about 20 years. Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube gives a factory warranty for its every product.

Operational capabilities of our scissor lifts are as follows:

  • automatic panel equipment and mobility,
  • efficient dynamics,
  • the possibility to perform loading/unloading operating from all the sides of the site,
  • the load lift speed mode,
  • silent operation,
  • a reliable and robust structural design,
  • a high safety degree,
  • compact storage in the assembled form,
  • quick installation without pre-installation preparation,
  • a favourable price from the manufacturer,
  • the possible outdoor operation.

We’ll select a lift model with optimal specifications for our target tasks and calculate the required capacity, the lifting height, and the platform area. We’ll equip the product with special devices and accessories to make control and maintenance easier, to ensure extra safety, and to increase the operational productivity. Each order for us is interesting and individual.

You can order or buy your lift platform by phone +7 (3412) 77-38-68 or via the Company’s online chat.

The HydroCube products – profitable investment in your production process

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Loads applied to all main units and component parts are calculated on a case-by-case basis, with due regard to your needs and manufacturing facilities. That is the reason why our technologies ensure long operational life – the service life of our equipment exceeds that of standard models, even in case of intensive operation.

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