Hydraulic Power Packs by HydroCube

The hydraulic power pack is a plant designed for converting various types of energy to mechanical energy of the liquid flow. The obtained hydraulic energy serves to bring various mechanisms and devices into the working state. HydroCube designs and manufactures oil power packs for specific production tasks. A product can be made to the customer’s individual specifications.

Functional Purpose

An electrically driven hydraulic power pack is suitable for solving many production tasks and is relevant for a variety of national economy sectors. It can be used in construction, machine-building, and woodworking industry.

Oil power packs are used to ensure successful operation of the following:

  • hydraulic presses,
  • slurry pumps,
  • jack hammers,
  • jacks, static and dynamic hydraulic tools,
  • impact drivers,
  • test benches,
  • controlled-lift systems.

This hydraulic equipment allows you to easily perform the controlled lifting of large-tonnage loads, structures, and large-sized objects.

Features of HydroCube Products

Our Research & Production Enterprise has its own production facility that uses high-precision equipment.

Depending on the specific production task, the hydraulic power pack made by us can be one of the following:

  • a self-propelled one (the structure is mounted on a self-propelled chassis),
  • a stationary one (the equipment is installed directly on the facility where it will be used), or
  • a mobile one (the housing is equipped with handles for moving to the facility; upon the customer’s request, the system can be equipped with wheels).

 The structure is actuated by the motor—a/an petrol, electric, diesel, hydraulic, or pneumatic one. The minimum working pressure of the plant is 16 MPa, and the maximum one is 70 MPa.

The principle of modular installation that is practised by professionals of HydroCube allows us to vary the configuration considering the customer’s individual requirements.

Advantages of Dealing with Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube

Our enterprise has its own production facility. Here, you can either buy a ready-to-use hydraulic power pack or order a design based on your individual terms of reference. &mdash The Design Engineering Department performs works of any complexity.

Advantages of cooperation with HydroCube:

  • prompt order fulfilment,
  • affordable price, and
  • maximum accuracy of compliance with the customer’s requirements.

 Hydraulic power packs are intrinsically safe and explosion-proof. The operating temperature conditions are to be determined by the customer. Products will function according to the technical conditions for which they are developed.

Our Guarantees

Each section of the work is subject to stringent quality control. The final stage of manufacture is tests performed by the Quality Control Department.

The Company’s clients purchase our products with a full package of technical documentation:

  • a certificate,
  • a warranty card, and
  • drawings.

The Design Engineering Office of the Research & Production Enterprise is always in pursuit of innovative technologies and uses the cutting-edge equipment in its work. Design documentation is developed by specialists of the highest qualifications. This is why the price of a hydraulic power pack always corresponds to its quality. We sell only certified products.

We offer the following as associated goods:

  • a control cabinet,
  • a hydraulic operated directional valve,
  • lifts of various modifications (scissor lifts, shaft lifts, mast lifts),
  • pressure hoses, and
  • a variety of accessories for optimizing the equipment operation.

We cherish our reputation and the respect of our customers, and therefore we offer an additional service – after-sales service. When entering into a contract for preventive and repair works, you will be sure that equipment will be in service for an exceptionally long time. This service guarantees the good working order of all units and – should any defects be identified – their replacement.