Hydraulic Power Pack

Research and Production Enterprise HydroCube manufactures and sells hydraulic pump power packs. Hydraulic power packs are used in machine-building, construction, woodworking industry, and many other industries.

From us, you can either order the manufacture of a custom hydraulic power pack or buy a standard one. If the customer requires the manufacture of a product with unique characteristics, we’ll fabricate necessary equipment in the shortest time possible. After the performance of works, the power pack undergoes mandatory tests to be carried out by the Quality Control Department – our products are always top quality.

Hydraulic Power Pack

Each hydraulic power pack, when being sold, has a documentation package, a certificate, drawings, and a warranty card. Qualified specialists develop design documentation and  terms of reference for  manufacture. State-of-the-art equipment and  professionals of their craft guarantee high precision, quality, and  the shortest period of work performance.

Hydraulic Power Pack

General specifications:

  • working pressure of up to 700 bar,
  • flow of up to 170 litre per minute,
  • power of 0.5 to 50 kW.

Assembly is carried out in a special shop where all necessary equipment is installed. Due to availability of direct suppliers, we are able to manufacture a hydraulic power pack of any complexity. This includes intrinsically safe and explosion-proof power packs with any operating temperature mode. Out products will operate in technical conditions for which they are developed.

In addition to hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power packs proper, you can purchase associated goods from us, such as hydraulic operated directional valves, control cabinets, and many other types of hydraulic equipment. Please see our catalogue on pages of the website. Should you have any questions, you can contact a specialist from our company to get advice.

If installation, maintenance, or repair is necessary, you can contact us or enter into a contract for regular service. This contract will enable you to be sure that the assemblies are functional and subject to timely replacement and maintenance.

 We give a warranty and issue a quality certificate for all the goods. The customer will receive a full package of documents together with equipment.