Hydraulic Oil Power Packs by The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise

Before your hydraulic system starts running, its pressure has to reach a certain value. An optimal energy source has to be selected to ensure this. As you know, hydraulic equipment is used by the oil pump power pack that creates the required pressure of the working fluid.

Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube will provide energy-related support to any hydraulic systems. On the state-of-the-art basis, we produce a wide range of hydraulic oil power packs, which differ in power and a driving device. In our catalogue, you’ll find mobile or stationary, fluid or electrically operated oil power packs.

Hydraulic Oil Power Packs by The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise

Features of the Structural Design Basis

The hydraulic power pack converts motive power into kinematic energy of the fluid flow.  This results in delivery of the working fluid under the required head to functional elements of the operating equipment.  

Hydraulic Oil Power Packs by The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise

A typical oil power pack consists of the following main elements:

  1. A work oil tank. It is made of steel with special polymer material applied on the inside surface and can have partitions inside for better homogenization and thermal regulation. It serves for oil storage, cooling, and coarse purification. Oil components get cleared of water and air to be then supplied to a pump.
  2. A pump system. Pumps for hydraulic oil power packs serve to create the oil flow. In terms of the structural design, there are models as follows: radial-plunger, rotary-vane, gear, and axial-piston ones.
  3. A motor. It is a drive for the pump and can run on petrol, diesel, electricity, or be pneumatically/hydraulically powered.
  4. A pipeline. An integral part of the power pack, which serves for pump connection to working units that carry out control, distribution, and regulation. Through the pipeline, the flow runs to the final object and the oil returns to the hydraulic tank. The pipeline is made of a combination of metal pipes, hoses, and special modules.
  5. A return filter. It purifies the oil returning from the working members back to the tank.
  6. A suction filter. It is installed between the service tank and the pump. It prevents ingress of solid contaminants to the oil pump power pack, but carried out only selective purification.
  7. A neck. This part is equipped with a filter and serves for filling the oil into the hydraulic tank.
  8. Meters. These include level switches, pressure gauges, and other instruments.
  9. Distributors. These include electrical, mechanical (manual), or combined ones.

The Operating Principle of the Power Pack

Hydraulic Oil Power Packs by The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise

In a high-pressure oil power pack, the torque from the motor is transferred to the shaft of the hydraulic pump, which, after suction filtration, takes the oil from the hydraulic tank and passes it under the required pressure through the respective pipeline to the working units. The oil released after the functional cycle is sent back to the tank without bypassing the return filter.

Hydraulic power packs are used as drives for hydraulic cylinders of all types: in portable hydraulic tools, massive presses, and load-lifting giants. They are indispensable in hydraulic systems that supply railway, construction, and drilling equipment as well as lubrication and cooling circuits of processing machines. Test benches and other process equipment are provided with oil power packs.

Hydraulic oil power packs are most sought-after in such industries as machine-building, metallurgy, power production, extraction industry, construction, agriculture, and transport.

Classification Approach

Power packs can be classified by several criteria. In the movement capability, power packs can be:

  • mobile ones – small size, small weight, and low power,
  • stationary ones – high capacities,
  • wheeled ones – rather powerful (self-propelled or trailer-type).

In the distribution device type, power packs can be:

  • single-position ones – return due to a spring or by gravity,
  • two-position ones,
  • three-position ones – delivery, hold, and return.

In capacity characteristics (pressure), power packs can be weak, medium, high-power, or heavy-duty. In the control method, they can be automatic, manual, or electromagnetic.

Besides, oil power packs can be 1-stage or 2-stage ones. The former are serviced by a single-entry pump. Control is carried out using a termination device. Models of the latter type are equipped with twin pumps and a hydraulic panel, which makes it possible to significantly decrease the utility consumption.

Selecting with Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube

Our engineers will help you select the most efficient hydraulic motor for your press, lift, or complex hydraulic system. Based on their input parameters, we also can make a custom oil power pack, either electric or liquid-fuel one, at a favourable price.

The structural design will consider all necessary criteria:

  • the type of the base motor,
  • power characteristics and necessary output pressure,
  • mobility requirements for the device,
  • the type of distribution devices.

Before buying a hydraulic oil power pack, you need decide on the following parameters:

  • its capacity and rated power,
  • capacity of the accumulating tank,
  • working drive pressure,
  • working volume of the piston,
  • the drive type and adjustment methods.

It is possible that you’ll have to select a multi-port pump system or a multiple-pass crane for your purposes. This is necessary if the oil power pack is intended to service several actuation units or mechanisms.

Attention! The full volume of the accumulating tank has to be 25 % larger than the total volume of the pipeline of the entire system connected to the oil motor! Our engineers will select a model according to the feed force by comparing it with specifications of all actuating mechanisms of the system.

Thanks to support by Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube, your hydraulic equipment will operate safely for a long time and without failures.