Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulically operated lift tables today can be considered the most promising design, both in economic and functional terms. Popularity of these products both across the globe and in our country grows at an exponential rate.

Scissor lifts from Izhevsk Research and Production Enterprise HydroCube are successfully operated at industrial, construction, storage, and other commercial facilities located in different climatic zones.

 You can buy a hydraulic lift from our company to meet the required criteria of your business to the best possible extent. Our factory capacities and scientific potential allow us to produce custom items with specifically set characteristics and dimensions.


  • A hydraulic lift can lift a loaded platform with a weight of up to 50 tonnes. Not every stationary lift unit can boast this.
  • The scissor dynamics used in lift tables allows the load to be delivered as high as to floor 10–12 and sometimes even higher.
  • Hydraulic platforms can be used even as a passenger lift for workers, though it is prohibited by the occupational safety regulations.

The limit capacity, reachable heights, and the price of the scissor lift depend on quantity of bell mechanisms included in its structural design. The powerful installation requires a larger number of supports and more complex balancing.

Hydraulic Lift

It is not always technically possible to retrofit multi-tiered space with a global cargo lift or a stationary crane unit. A mobile and compact scissor table handles set tasks with no lower efficiency, but at lower costs.

Hydraulic scissor-type lifts are an integrated approach to implementation of the modern business’s engineering structure.

New-Format Lift Devices

The structure of the hydraulic scissor lift includes the following:

  • a support base,
  • a mobile platform,
  • a lever-type scissor package, which defines a lifting trajectory and height,
  • a hydraulic motor with a drive (built-in or remote),
  •  a monitoring and control system.

It is widely used for the following:

  • vertical delivery of a load to the required height (from one tier to another one),
  • quick stowage of materials and products for storage,
  • efficient arrangement of workstations.

Scissor tables are equipped with useful accessories, which help you load/unload, secure the load at the required height, and control the movement.

The structure of the lift system provides for all safety measures:

  • outline frames along the perimeter of the freight area,
  • mechanical stops to control the height and trajectory,
  • end toggle switches, which trip when a mechanical obstacle occurs on the platform path, and
  • protective valves in case of a deficit of liquid fuel in the hydraulic motor or failures in the fuel supply system (hose break, depressurization, clogging, etc.).

Units installed in a specially prepared pit have maximum protection.

Favourable Terms from the Manufacturer

Research and Production Enterprise HydroCube offers improved models of scissor tables:

  • at a price free of any dealer extra charges,
  • made with state-of-the-art equipment and using import components and advanced scientific technologies,
  • having passed a thorough factory inspection and having a two-year quality and reliability warranty,
  • accompanied by a full package of services, from individual design to start-up of the adjusted product on site and to its maintenance.

Scissor equipment is the most promising area that harnesses hydraulics to make it serve people. &mdash Our priorities align with expectations of a Russian consumer, which is confirmed by unfailing interest in our products. We thoroughly monitor new global trends in this area and include novelties in each model we create.

Choose Your Own Way of Optimization

The order of search for a hydraulic lift is as follows:

  1. The main requirement is its capacity. &mdash Evaluate the freight traffic according to weight classes. Determine the average load weight to be lifted and the most probable one. Select equipment with a good reserve in this parameter.
  2. Evaluate heights to which the load is to be delivered. The scissor table has its own minimum height, which depends on quantity of scissor packages, the table top thickness, and the structural massiveness of the unit. The more the capacity, the higher the platform position in the initial state and the larger the height to which the platform can lift a load. It is better to mount a powerful lift in a pit, thereby lowering its level in a closed bottom position.
  3. Select required functionalities, configuration, auxiliary accessories, and protective elements (enclosure, guardrails, etc.).

If necessary, we’ll correct dimensions of the platform according to your technical requests.

Basic parameters of the hydraulic lift are as follows:

  • maximum capacity – 50 tonnes,
  • maximum height – 30 m, 
  • platform speed – 0.13 m/s or more.