Hydraulic Cylinders in the Catalogue of The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise

The range of mechanisms operated by a positive-displacement hydraulic drive grows year by year. Operation of lifting/handling, construction, earthmoving, and metal-cutting equipment as well as forging presses is inconceivable without hydraulic cylinders. The performance, reliability, and safety of the entire plant or those of an individual unit greatly depend on competent selection of the hydraulic motor type and power.

In the age of the import substitution policy, even large consumers focus on national developments in hydraulic power lever systems. It turns out you don’t have to look far. High-class equipment that is on a par with its dollar counterparts in all its characteristics has been existing for a long time and is produced not somewhere in the Celestial Empire, but at our own home of Russia. Herewith, it costs the purchaser much less than products from import dealers.

Our company HydroCube, Izhevsk, has been designing and manufacturing reliable hydraulic equipment for the customer-specific tasks for a long time. Industrial facilities that we have implemented successfully prove themselves in practice and operate in a wide variety of climatic zones and weather conditions.

 HydroCube Catalogue

 So far, we have mastered steady release of any types of hydraulic cylinders. The following models are represented in the HydroCube catalogue:

  • single-acting piston ones,
  • double-acting piston ones with a single/double-sided piston rod,
  • plunger-type ones.

Scissor lifts use double-acting cylinders. They are able to function steadily in the most extreme conditions. They are often used in agricultural machinery, where it is necessary to move the load in two directions.

Hydraulic Cylinders in the Catalogue of The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise

Load lifts with a built-in assembly area are operated at car service garages. A hydraulic cylinder with a built-in pump is used as an actuator.

Hydraulic cylinders with a flexible piston rod are perfect for tractor units and transport lifts. A blind rope structure allows the flexible piston rod to depart at certain angles.

A hydraulic cylinder for industrial press equipment has to have reliable seals, a chrome-plated piston rod, and a well-honed cylinder tube.

Hydraulic Cylinders in the Catalogue of The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise

Custom Design

If initial specifications of your system are outside the standard framework of hydraulic cylinders Kleemann, Hydrosila, TsG, EO, TsS, RB, UFOPAR, or YuMZ, which can be bought on the free market, the individual approach of designers from our Design Department is going to solve your problem, and your unit will run at full capacity. A comprehensive project will consider all specific features of the business in your charge:

  • its scale, specific nature, and intended purpose,
  • its climatic and landscape location and area capacities,
  • power loads, temperature loads, and dynamic loads and other technical parameters of the recipient system.

Moreover, in our online shop, you can select a reliable and practical off-the-shelf model for agricultural equipment, a manipulator, a motor grader, a semi-trailer, a crane, a road roller, a transfer crane, or an aerial work platform. We’ll calculate the optimal power of the hydraulic cylinder for the standard capacity of your unit – 16 tonnes, 20 tonnes, 25 tonnes, or 40 tonnes. 

Hydraulic Cylinders in the Catalogue of The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise

Sales geography of Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube is extensive. You can buy our hydraulic cylinders in Izhevsk, Irkutsk, Tula, Tyumen, Yaroslavl, Kirov, Penza, Kazan, Orenburg, Rostov-on-Don, Barnaul, Volgograd, Saratov, Samara, Krasnodar, Perm, and Kemerovo. We also fulfil orders for states of the former Soviet Union – Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, and others. We do not limit ourselves in connections and contacts.

How Much Does a Hydraulic Cylinder Cost?

A standard solution costs the buyer cheaper. Confidently streamlined production is much more cost-effective. Therefore, the manufacturer is able to set a lower price for its products.

Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube spent a lot of efforts and finances to radically retrofit its production facilities and to streamline profitable deliveries of components, a portion of which is assimilated using our own capacities. Parts of in-house production often turn out to be not just cheaper, but to have much better quality than the overpriced ones offered by importers to the Russian market.

When minor batches and one-of-a-kind products are released, it is unprofitable to open a fully-fledged process line, and we have therefore to pay close attention to selection of components that meet the quality and price requirements. One must not cut corners when it comes to quality, no matter what. Here, connections established for years and rigorous selection come into the foreground.

However, staking on import from Europe rises the cost price and makes manufacturers look for new approaches to increase the product affordability for customers’ budget. We find them in our in-house brain reserves and scientific experience.

Hypothetically, the hydraulic cylinder price is integrated as early as at the design stage. The simpler and more processible the device is, the cheaper its implementation in metal costs. Complex, overloaded structural designs are not only economically unviable – they fall short of reliability, service, safety, and durability.

Pricing issues at the development stage are dealt with by qualified engineers of the HydroCube Design Department.

Their tasks include:

  • optimization of future development in terms of the structural design, processes, and implementation,
  • competent selection of materials and components,
  • monitoring of global experience and use of novelties making the manufacturing process cheaper.

Continuous improvement of each project progress stage, from collection of analytical data to start-up of the finished facility, allows us to successfully compete in today’s conditions.

This is the only way that, when asked by a buyer where to purchase a hydraulic cylinder in Russia at a reasonable price, lets us answer with confidence – in Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube.

The pricing process looks much simpler for a client. In addition to direct costs for development and manufacture, the client pays for the following:

  • the nature, scale, complexity, and uniqueness of the order,
  • consumables and components,
  • urgency,
  • logistics,
  • installation, start-up, and commissioning,
  • post-warranty service and repairs.

Let us note that this list does not and will never include a brand charge, a trading margin, a customs fee, or currency conversion. You can buy a hydraulic cylinder at a favourable price in rubles with European-level certification even today.

Hydraulic Equipment Serviced by HydroCube

So, the reliable hydraulic cylinder made in Russia

  • has a modern structural design,
  • is competently designed,
  • consists of unified assemblies and materials,
  • is assembled by qualified workers using well-adjusted equipment and proven technology, 
  • has completed stage-by-stage multi-step inspection.

The sophisticated product operates in the conditions of a high fluid pressure and power, temperature, and dynamic loads, in a long time period. However, malfunctions happen. As any other equipment, a hydraulic cylinder is quite maintainable, similarly to overhaul of a car engine. By calling Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube’s specialists, you can bring a faulty hydraulic unit back to life.

Repairs can be as follows:

  1. minor repairs, which do not require great efforts or part-by-part disassembly, for instance, replacement of O-rings,
  2. mid-life repairs, which are more labour-intensive and often involve replacement of individual failed assemblies,
  3. overhauls, which are most complex and include full reassembly, wash of the system, and replacement of worn parts,
  4. scheduled repairs, which are carried out under a schedule and associated with maintenance.

Preliminary diagnostics is conducted by us in order to identify faults and to analyze the extent of wear and tear. For the safety purpose, repairs of any types with hydraulic cylinders have to be carried out by an experienced specialist. In addition, in Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube you can buy a pipe, a support, or small spare parts for the hydraulic cylinder and select a pilot operated check valve or hydraulic tong.