Hydraulic Cylinders by The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise

Hydraulic cylinders made by Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube are the optimal choice for those who prefer proven quality without extra charges for a foreign brand or dealer services.

Power units in our country are produced in strict compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements and adapted to Russian climatic conditions to the maximum possible extent. You can buy a high-quality hydraulic cylinder at a reasonable price directly from the manufacturer.

Research and Production Enterprise HydroCube, Izhevsk, is a Russian field-specific company that develops modern models of hydraulic cylinders used in a variety of national economy sectors.

Production capacities of the HydroCube factory allow us to integrate the latest scientific achievements in structures of our units and to implement them in custom or serial production.

Hydraulic cylinders with HydroCube’s logo and stamp:

  • are efficient in operation,
  • produce steady output parameters,
  • are easy to use,
  • have a favourable price.

We select only top-quality materials for our products and rigorously control the manufacturing process at each stage, including designer’s examination. Each unit of our products is supported by a reliable warranty and accompanied by a factory quality certificate.

Rational Approach to Developments

Power units we offer to our clients feature the simplest design compliant with the task at hand. We can offer you effective solutions for mechanisms with a moving cylindrical body, a moving loaded piston rod, and plungers.

Single-acting hydraulic cylinders with one working surface generate a pulse in a set direction. The return stroke is induced by a spring force or by the weight of a loaded piston rod. The double-sided design has two planes providing more complex dynamics.

The main specifications are as follows:

  • piston rod stroke,
  • piston diameter,
  • generated force,
  • working pressure of the power pack.

These criteria determine the functional features of the system, its power and dynamic capabilities.

On the website of our company, you will find almost all types of highly demanded hydraulic cylinders, including specialized ones, with different types of fastenings: rigid or articulated.

You have a unique opportunity to buy a customized hydraulic cylinder at an affordable price. You are welcome to delivery. We offer:

  • customized orders of any level of complexity,
  • prompt delivery,
  • service and repair,
  • technical support provided by skilled specialists.

We are open to mutually beneficial cooperation with those who are interested in our products.

The HydroCube products – profitable investment in your production process

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Loads applied to all main units and component parts are calculated on a case-by-case basis, with due regard to your needs and manufacturing facilities. That is the reason why our technologies ensure long operational life – the service life of our equipment exceeds that of standard models, even in case of intensive operation.

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