Hydraulic Cylinders by HydroCube

Our experience has proven that production of hydraulic cylinders in Russia can be streamlined at the European level. Import components, automated assembly on a state-of-the-art line, and multi-step inspection do their part. Products under the trademark of Research and Production Enterprise HydroCube, Izhevsk, fully comply with performance standards of ISO 3320 for double-acting welded models and ISO 6020 for threaded counterparts. Each product is provided with a factory warranty based on its serial number. 

Hydraulic Cylinders by HydroCube

Your Requests in Our Control Zone

If your hydraulic system requires an individual approach, you can order the manufacture of a hydraulic cylinder according to drawings designed by ourselves. If necessary, our engineers will calculate an efficient operation mode for your plant and select the suitable structure. When manufacturing a custom hydraulic cylinder, its assembly drawing and functionalities are first negotiated with the customer until fully approved. Technical resources of Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube make it possible to produce hydraulic power packs with a range of output working specifications:

  • piston diameter – 3 to 50 cm, &divide 
  • rod diameter – 1.8 to 30 cm, &divide 
  • piston rod stroke length – 5 to 800 cm, &divide 
  • fluid pressure – in any range below 70 MPa (maximum test pressure),
  • temperature conditions – minus 50 to plus 200 °C.

 We are not afraid of nonstandard dimensions! In addition to variation of the above specifications, we can offer original variants for installation of hydraulic cylinders on a base platform and any standard fastening of the following: rigid fastening with eye bolts or a movable swivel joint.

Do you want your hydraulic cylinder to be of some special colour, to have a splendid bright logo, to feature a prominent label, or be impervious to petrol pools (and even fuels and lubricants)? Even such nice little details can be done.

We can also solve more complex tasks. For example, work with fluids that are different in their chemical composition, selection of seals for maximum leak-tightness, or hydraulic power supply to a system operated in extreme conditions at limits of its capacities.

The engaged production capacities in Saint Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, which are specialized in fabrication of hydraulic cylinders, allow us to solve successfully any puzzles we get from our clients.

What Components Are Suitable for Our Products?

First of all, those that can guarantee reliability, durability, safety and optimal management of the system’s performance in general.

Main assemblies, parts, characteristics, and materials are as follows:

  1. Piston cylinder tubes are made of European hot-rolled structural steel, ST52 (2.3), 42CrMo4, 40Kh, or 30KhGSA grades enriched with molybdenum, chromium, manganese, and silicon. This rolled stock is made by large factories – Ovako, Strukto, and Stelmi. According to the European standard, the inside surface of the cylinder tube is honed to roughness of Ra0.3. A deviation on the scale of inside diameters is H8.
Hydraulic Cylinders by HydroCube
  1. Fabrication of piston rods for hydraulic cylinders implies a procedure of quenching to required hardness of 60HRC and surface chrome-plating with a coat of approx. 50 μm. Herewith, coating roughness reaches Ra0,2. Piston rods for hydraulic cylinders are manufactured using medium-alloy steel from the same European rolling mill operators (SK 45, 20MnV6, and some others).
Hydraulic Cylinders by HydroCube
  1. GOST-compliant O-rings, which sometimes have an original profile, are used as auxiliary installation elements for reliable and leak-tight fit of the piston rod and the cylinder tube. The most suitable materials for the O rings are rubber, polyurethane, and some modifications of those.
  2. Wipers require elastic plasticizers:
    • polyurethane PU, X(Н)-PU, (Х)S-PU, H-PU,
    • rubber NBR, EPDM, NBR, MVQ, FPM etc. ,
    • hard plastic PA-6, POM, or
    • polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE 1-5.

    Piston rod wipers are tightly laid in mounting slots, whether open or closed, and have a shaped configuration as per ISO 6195 – shapes as per the old GOST differ.

    Guides control the piston couple stroke. In order to increase reliability of the structures, we make them of polyamide, polyacetal, plasticized teflon, or other hard materials with a low friction coefficient. An especially resistant seal can be obtained using split guard rings made of rubber or polyurethane. This is important for powerful hydraulic systems operating under high pressure (160 bar or higher – rubber; 400 bar or higher – polyurethane). There is occasional need for guides made of bronze.

Hydraulic Cylinders by HydroCube
  1. At installation into an open groove, polyurethane or rubber glands for shafts are additionally reinforced with metal and equipped with spring-type tensioners. We have thoroughly selected and checked all parts and assemblies for compatibility of materials, dimensions, and maximum permissible loads. The equipment’s behaviour in field conditions, its wear rate, and how reliably it will maintain the operation mode depend largely on this.

Stages on the Path to the customer

Before being commissioned and serving people, the creations of HydroCube Enterprise pass through the full process cycle.

Let’s imagine what will be happening after you decide to order hydraulic cylinders from our company:

Step 1

Design and approval. Having gotten to the heart of the task at hand, the engineers will figure out optimal ways to solve it. Herewith, they will compare cutting-edge developments with respect to the specific situation. Our closest partners represented by members of the scientific community, nationally and globally known scientists, and professors assist us in each and every way in improvement of the existing structures and in creation of promising new-generation models. We are grateful to them for useful advice and active involvement.

As a result, we give birth to a detailed drawing of the hydraulic cylinder to be used in production later, after getting all approvals. At this stage, the customer shall approve each technical document, deadlines, terms and conditions.

Hydraulic Cylinders by HydroCube

Step 2

We select components for the future plant. Having assessed the market, we have engaged for cooperation time-tested foreign suppliers, with which we have strong business relationships. This allows us to provide our production facility with Italian, Finnish, Swedish, and Latvian high-quality metal products and monitor all novelties. Direct contacts eliminate intermediary charges, which favourably distinguishes us from our competitors in terms of prices. The customer benefits with us by getting the high quality level at an affordable price.

Hydraulic Cylinders by HydroCube

Step 3

We process metal surfaces, particularly those in contact. It is crucial for the smooth piston stroke. All components of the cylinder and piston rods are subject to metalworking with meticulously adjusted machines.   Surface smoothness and roughness are verified against GOST standards.  

Hydraulic Cylinders by HydroCube

Step 4

Assembly proper. The process involves semi-automatic machines. The welding and cleaning result is checked by tests involving ultrasonic inspection.

Step 5

Painting the hydraulic cylinder. The pre-cleaned product is primed with a two-layer coating. Then, paint or varnish is applied in three coats. Surfaces get dried under the required conditions. The colour and decor comply with the customer’s requirements.

Step 6

We perform factory tests. Any product is brought into the operation mode and undergoes fitness tests. Specifications are verified as per the GOST instructions and a special programme provided by the customer. If everything goes smoothly, the hydraulic cylinder is ready for long-term operation.

Step 7

Quality control. This is the final check in the multi-step cycle, which grants the product the right to leave the factory and to obtain an official warranty for 1 to 5 years. Upon its results, the batch gets registered in a factory ledger and receives certification for conformity to state standards.

But our mission is not over even after the customer’s acceptance. Our units remain under our patronage – we perform delivery, installation, and maintenance. We are reliable, easy, and comfortable to work with. You can order the manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders in Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube on our website or by specified contact phones.

Hydraulic Cylinders by HydroCube