Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Russia

The hydraulic cylinder is a positive-displacement reciprocating hydraulic motor. &mdash The power fluid in it is a liquid that is under pressure and controls the piston rod stroke, and the piston rod, in turn, impacts on a mechanism we need.

There are various types of hydraulic cylinders: single-acting/double-acting and telescopic/differential. Each one of them has found its application in engineering, for instance, in bottle jacks, lift/drop mechanisms of bulldozer blades and dump truck bodies, metal-cutting machines, metal forming machines, etc.

Thus, hydraulic cylinders are a critical part of modern industrial equipment, and their applications include, but are not limited to, aviation and astronautics. Without them, many processes would be impossible or very costly.

At the present, Russia has its own manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders, which successfully compete with foreign companies. Their position on the market is prominent not only due to lower prices, but also due to high quality.

Generally, there are two types of organizations engaged in manufacture of this product:

  1. A company that designs and manufactures all components using its own equipment and performs their final assembly.
  2. A company that assembles an ordered item using third-party components on the basis of existing designs at its own production facility.
Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Russia

The first case requires high-technology equipment and specialists, including designers, while both the requirements and financial costs in the second case are considerably lower.

Besides fabricating hydraulic cylinders, the Russian manufacturers provide a repair and restoration service, which extends their operation for many years. These products typically have a long warranty period and high wear resistance due to quality materials.

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Russia

National companies that use foreign hydraulic equipment often are unable to receive original replacement on time for a variety of reasons and use a hydraulic cylinder modernization service rendered by Russian specialists, which allows them to get a quick solution of their problem and to save costs significantly during further operation. Expenses can also be reduced by other ways. For example, audit of hydraulic equipment is in demand.

It is not always possible to monitor new technologies promptly and integrate them into your own mechanisms, and seeking assistance from professionals in a timely manner can therefore result in transfer of the entire process chain to a modern, more cost-effective, and more productive path.

 And make no mistake thinking that Russian companies confine themselves to manufacture of hydraulic cylinders alone. The list of products is typically quite long and includes mast lifts, service lifts, shaft lifts, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic presses, tables, and pumps, and many others. Thus, you can find any solution to your liking and requests at the same place. The better half of products that we see in stores was created, in one way or another, using “liquid muscles”.

We can draw an optimistic conclusion that Russia’s own production of hydraulic equipment and particularly hydraulic cylinders does exist and dynamically grows while fulfilling the government’s import substitution task.