Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic motors are widely used in a variety of economic sectors: construction, transport, and production. Their operating principle is based on conversion of the oil fluid’s flow energy into the set piston rod movement.

Thanks to this engineering development, creating various moving mechanisms that withstand significant power loads became possible: drills, excavators, lifts, heavy machines, and many others. Depending on the nature of movement we need at the output, devices of this type can be divided by the method of their connection with the object being moved:

  • Rigid fastening creates a translational stroke, for example, such as we can see in a hydraulic press.
  • The swivel joint allows a rotational, swinging, or more complex stroke to be added to the unit. An example of such structures would be both primitive clamps on automated machines and sophisticated robotic manipulators.

Hydraulic Units by HydroCube

Studying the industrial market, Research and Production Enterprise HydroCube manufactures quality hydraulic equipment both as per the customer’s maximum request and to order.

If you need arrangement of the continuous or intermittent operation mode of automatic equipment with simple or complex kinematics of assemblies, please give your consideration to double-acting hydraulic cylinders in the HydroCube catalogue. The entire model range of products we release is represented on its pages.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Design

There are many design solutions that have already been implemented in metal and that have been successfully operating for a long time. We take for production the most efficient and advanced developments and continuously improve their execution. Here are only some structural designs in demand.

A Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder with a Single-Sided Piston Rod

The operating principle is quite simple. Translational motion of the piston rod/body couple is used to create a linear force:

  • The movable body has a full-length ground through hole. Coupling bushings equipped with bearing bands are mounted on its end faces. In the rings, inside the body, a fixed double-sided piston rod is hidden.
  • For rigid fixation of the piston rod on any base, it can have threaded or any other joints on both sides.
  • For joint sealing, special piston seals are additionally put on the bushing.
  • Trunnions (or other bracket types) are welded on the body to ensure the swinging motion of the mechanism’s leading member.

This design makes it possible to obtain a stably balanced solid couple, where the bushing-body moves translationally along the piston rod. The work oil enters the system via longitudinal holes of the piston rod.

Attention! If necessary, you can order from us a double-acting hydraulic cylinder with a single-sided piston rod as well. For more details, please see the catalogue.

A structural diagram of the double-acting hydraulic cylinder with the movable body and the fixed double-sided piston rod.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Double-Acting Piston Hydraulic Cylinders with Rod-and-Piston Counter Couples

It is often required to provide machine equipment with movement of a slider or carriage couple to/from each other to the same distance. A double-acting hydraulic cylinder where two semi-rods act as pistons is suitable for such a purpose.

The body is divided into two equally sized chambers with central walls and will remain fixed. Independent moving piston rods with cylinders are installed inside each half-chamber vis-à-vis each other. Needless to say, reliable sealing and general balancing of the mechanism will be required.

For the fixed fastening of the system in the set axial position, there is a special slot in the wall.

A structural diagram of the hydraulic cylinder with the fixed body and piston groups located opposite each other.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

A Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder the Body of Which Does the Swinging Stroke When the Piston Rod Extends

In HydroCube, you can also buy swinging-body double-acting hydraulic cylinders at a favourable price.

The structural design implies the following:

  • a movable welded body, which can swing within angular limits of 180 degrees or more (depending on the configuration of the unit to be installed). The box-type cylinder tube is welded to the flange on one side and to the cover on the other side. The cover, in turn, is fastened in an articulated manner to the main base via a massive eye bolt. &mdash The mounting pin is determined by a hummocky guide bushing pressed with screws against the cylinder tube flange.
  • the piston + rod working couple mounted using a nut.

The mounting pin of the cylinder tube has two circular slots protected with seals, to which the oil is supplied through drilled holes. One drilled hole connects the axial groove with the piston cavity, and the other one – with the piston rod cavity via the pipeline and unions. &mdash The pin itself seats securely on the bracket. The joint is protected with a locking plate that prevents the pin from rotating.

A structural diagram of the hydraulic cylinder with swinging body motion.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

In this structure, the oil supply to each cavity of the moving cylinder tube requires no flexible hoses, which is of importance for safety of powerful systems operating under high pressure.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder with High Lateral Forces on the Piston Rod

In this design solution, the piston rod seats on the bushing with an extra seal. The bushing length is increased to allow the load on bushing bearing bands to be distributed as they are spaced farther apart. The hydraulic cylinder body in this power version is placed on a frame equipped with lock half-rings, which then are tied together to form a ring.

Double-acting hydraulic cylinder with high lateral forces on the piston rod.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

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All types of our products have proven themselves splendidly and are in high demand. You can buy any double-acting hydraulic cylinders from the HydroCube catalogue, quickly and inexpensively. We’ll deliver the goods to the customer, carry out professional installation, and take your unit for scheduled maintenance and repair.

Purchasing sophisticated equipment for the safety purpose, trust only the manufacturer that provides a warranty for its products.