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In the production environment, lift devices are sometimes critical. A scissor lift offered by HydroCube will help you solve many production tasks. It is reliable and easy to operate and has a high safety factor. Upon the customer’s request, our specialists can make a hydraulic lift table meeting the set specifications. Cost calculation is based on technical specifications of the product. 

Choose a Lift Table

Maximum Height

The hydraulic lift is a sophisticated engineering device. However, it is impossible to answer unambiguously how much this model costs because in each individual case we try to take the customer’s individual preferences into account. When fulfilling your order, our specialists are oriented towards the maximum height of the unit. One should understand that hydraulic lift units can have a wide variety of specifications. For example, our specialists – depending on individual details given by the customer – can make a lift to deliver equipment to the height of 1 m to 15 m. The cost of the product is directly proportional to this value.


Besides, the location where the lift will be installed is crucial for determining its cost. Specific consumables are used for indoor operation. For instance, a hydraulic lift can be installed in:

  • a warehouse room,
  • a production shop,
  • a plant laboratory.

Moreover, hydraulic lift tables can be installed outdoors in order to perform tasks related to restoration of façades, to electrical installation, or to construction. In each case, the hydraulic lift cost is calculated individually.

Maximum Capacity

The main operating parameter of the hydraulic unit is the load mass that it can withstand. Here, when fulfilling the order, our specialists consider not only quantities of materials, tools, or equipment to be delivered to the upper tiers, but also the specific number of workers or attending staff. In this case, we provide the area with special skirting for safety of people. Functionalities of such a product will be significantly extended, and cost calculation will be based on the maximum capacity.

Table Top Size

The platform is one of the key parameters of the entire structure. Taking an order for manufacture of hydraulic lift unit, our specialists determine the desired dimensions. Here, we mean not only the table top area. We need to know how the load will be arranged on the area. The following indicators are important for this:

  • area length,
  • area width.

The Design Engineering Department of our company corrects dimensions of the standard version depending on the customer’s preferences. Engineers can guide the customer to avoid conflicts between the dimensions and the process requirements. For instance, with the area length of 3 m and the area width of 1 m, the declared capacity of 3 tonnes will be a priori unachievable. If the area is made with these dimensions, it will provoke an injury-risk situation. Our Design Office prepares a design balance to ensure that the structure is not just functional, but safe too. Hydraulic units are equipped with powerful hydraulic cylinders, which are designed with surgical precision, depending on the expected load.

Choose a Lift Table

Other Specifications

In addition to standard requirements for the hydraulic unit, our specialists need find out about some practical matters that will help them implement the project as precisely as possible. These include:

  • The nature of the load to be lifted. Our managers can recommend the optimal version of the platform depending on this parameter.
  • Guardrail variants. The area can be fenced with guardrails along the perimeter, on three sides, or on two sides. This, once again, depends on the nature of the task at hand. Besides, a passage can be made in the guardrail. The quantity of fixed stops.
  • The hydraulic lift can be programmed to a specific number of stops. Our engineers need to know on what level to plan them. The number of stops and the height of these are to be specified at the design stage.
  • The possibility of installation in a pit. This option allows the lifting to be started from the zero elevation.

When arrangement of a pit is impossible, the loading height is equal to the structure height in a closed bottom position. It also affects the final cost of the product.

Delivery to Your Facility

Our hydraulic units can be delivered to your facility by efforts of HydroCube. In this case, we use our own vehicles and ship the product immediately from the workshop to the specified facility. If delivery is carried out by the customer, its vehicles and capacities are used.

Submit a Request

To submit a request for implementation of the structure with the desired configuration, leave your contact details on the official website of our company. Then, our managers will prepare a quotation addressed to the customer. Herewith, you will be suggested to answer additional questions concerning extra options or other specifications. The product cost will be calculated after terms of reference are completed in detail. The SUBMIT A REQUEST button ensures instantaneous feedback, and thus you’ll receive a quotation within two days.