30-Tonne Hydraulic Cylinders for the Press

Russian Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube offers modern, quality and reliable internals for your hydraulic press with a force of 30 tonnes – a ready-to-use hydraulic cylinder, either with standard specifications or developed as per individual technical and operational requirements.

Purpose and Capabilities

The hydraulic cylinder obtains its working capacity from the pressure of a power fluid circulating under a head through a closed loop. The generated force of 30 tonnes is enough for operation of small-sized floor-standing units, including industrial ones.

30-tonne hydraulic cylinders are in wide demand:

  •  in machines that stamp products, e.g., tableware,
  •  in machines that press small parts,
  •  in garage hydraulic presses that service motor vehicles and motor equipment,
  •  in repair and installation service for handling various loads.

Most models are fastened to robust solid frames with durable coating and to the floor, equipped with pressure gauges for the working pressure monitoring, and fed independently from their own power source.

A low-height special structure, i.e., a hydraulic power cylinder, can be used in confined space, for example, during installation and alignment of heavy machine equipment.

By ordering a power plant for your press from Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube, you obtain:

  • a quality product at a reasonable price;
  • the target configuration with components and accessories;
  • optimized technical specifications, individual calculation of the package, and original design;
  • shop fabrication with supporting documents and necessary guarantees;
  • comprehensive professional support: consultations on technical matters, assistance in selection, delivery, maintenance, and repair, etc.

Power characteristics of plants by Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube are reached with minimum energy expenses, which allows you to have high output efficiency of press operation. We adapt each out product for the Russian industrial specific nature.