20-Tonne Hydraulic Cylinders

An industrial press shall operate with high energy conversion efficiency and generate the required force at minimum low energy costs. It is actuated using a hydraulic system that creates the reciprocating or returning-rotating dynamics of the payload.

The operating principle and the structure of hydraulic cylinders are selected for general tasks of the plant, depending on the following:

  • the required output force,
  • the size of an item to be processed,
  • the nature of the necessary movement of the press’s working element.

Research & Production Enterprise HydroCube offers quality and reliable hydraulic plunger and drive motors with a loading force of 20 tonnes. They are designed for small-sized floor-standing equipment:

  • galvanic,
  • foundry,
  • tool grinding,
  • sand-blasting,
  • shot-blasting,
  • forging, and other.

Hydraulic cylinders with a force of 20 tonnes are used in independent presses or as part of lines for manufacture of wire, chain-link fences, plastic windows and doors, and roof/façade metalware. The scope of application is limited only by power capabilities.

Could you select something from the available stock? We can design a hydroelectric power plant for particular tasks and specifications.

In addition, the design can include the following:

  • the cylinder cushioning for high-inertia high-speed mechanisms,
  • several speed step modes,
  • a ramp-up force,
  • intermediate settings,
  • original dynamic of the piston rod.

Optimization is the direct path to efficiency. Choose the functionalities that will be actively used as intended.