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Research and Production Enterprise HydroCube was founded in 2015. We are currently the leader in our industry. Our enterprise develops about 500 projects of various complexity levels on the annual basis. The сompany is developing fast: every year, the staff of specialists becomes larger, and we create 10 to 20 new jobs.

And it’s just the beginning: we keep actively ramping up our production capacities and expanding our market presence. This means that new types of equipment appear among our developments, and production enterprises not only throughout Russia, but also in other countries, such as Portugal, the USA, and many others, become our new customers.

Who are our target customers?

Our main focus is to develop and produce hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for the cargo lifting and handling, for automation of production lines, and for special-purpose equipment.

We create equipment for factories and combines, mining and producing enterprises, warehouses, shopping centres, and other companies. Our catalogue includes scissor lifts, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic presses, and many other products.

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On-site products:

  • At a composite material production facility
  • At a sorting facility
  • At a drilling rig
  • At a warehouse

Advantages of partnership with us

  1. Individual approach

You leave a request on our website and provide product specifications, and then we take over the task. We’ll develop equipment individually for the needs of your production facility. We’ll perform tests and document their data in a product certificate as well as deliver, install, and adjust the equipment – that is, we’ll solve your task from beginning to end. Each project at all stages is supervised by the Project Manager, with whom you always can resolve any issue.

  1. You reduce your expenses for operation and risks

Our equipment helps you automate the processes at the production facility and increase its capacity.We provide a warranty:

  • for our workmanship (quality of development and assembly of main assemblies, welds; quality of treatment and painting of metal parts) – 36 months,
  • for individual components – 12 months (manufacturer’s warranty).

You can trust reliability of our products – throughout the extended warranty period, you won’t need waste your money on reworking or repair of the products.

We perform tests under a load exceeding the permissible one by 30% – that is, we guarantee reliability of the structure and occupational safety even in case of heavy duty.You can receive more details on the warranty from our managers.

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  1. You increase profitability in the long term

Our equipment is designed for long running hours and a long service life. It does not require replacement or repair costs for a long time and allows your production facility to avoid downtimes. By cooperating with us, you make a beneficial investment to your business

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