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Bespoke Hydraulic Equipment

The HydroCube Research & Production Enterprise designs and produces hydraulic equipment for manufacturing and industrial enterprises. We create customized equipment and make the very products that will specifically meet your needs. Our keystone is to ensure quality in every detail: from design development to perfect welds on the finished products.

What Do We Offer?

Design and production of hydraulic equipment according to your specifications.

Scissor Lifts

Reliability, high quality, and long service life of the HydroCube scissor lifts are their main but hardly the only advantages. Our equipment is provided with a complete package, from perfect appearance and ease of control to safe operation.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Designing a hydraulic cylinder is an integrated engineering task handled by professionals of HydroCube. Our customers choose us for the capability to build a tailor-made product of any complexity and even in single quantities to tackle non-routine tasks.

Hydraulic Power Packs

Oil hydraulic power packs have a wide range of applications. We design and produce reliable equipment according to your specifications and drawings. Our experts have designed hundreds of projects, therefore, we can address any, even a very tough task.

Warranty Period of up to 3 Years

HydroCube is a team of experts in design and production of hydraulic equipment. The most innovative methods are used in the production process, whereas competence of the employees comes first.

We guarantee high quality of all manufactured products and compliance with state standards of the Russian Federation. Our equipment undergoes overload testing, after which the Product Certificate is issued for it. You will receive a high-quality and reliable product, which is verified by a warranty of up to 36 months. The equipment margin of safety reaches 45%.

The HydroCube products – profitable investment in your production process

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Loads applied to all main units and component parts are calculated on a case-by-case basis, with due regard to your needs and manufacturing facilities. That is the reason why our technologies ensure long operational life – the service life of our equipment exceeds that of standard models, even in case of intensive operation.

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Our Advantages

Customized Equipment

Our customers receive the product compliant with their specifications in full.

Short Lead Time

Experienced and skilled personnel. State-of-the-art equipment.

Guaranteed Quality

The products are certified. The equipment has a warranty period of up to 36 months.

Worldwide Delivery 

We deliver our products worldwide.

Flexible Business Terms

Additional discount for loyal customers.

Warranty Service

Warranty and post-warranty maintenace of the manufactured equipment.